Structure and Authorization

This guide's goal is to give you all the necessary information to effectively interact with our API. Learn about the authentication, base URL, and basic organization of the API.

deepset Cloud API

deepset Cloud API uses REST-based architecture to offer intuitive and predictable structure. The URLs are structured to be resource-oriented and easy to understand. The API returns JSON responses using standard HTTP response codes.

The API uses the standard HTTP verbs to act on resources:

  • GET: Retrieves information from the resource.
  • PUT: Updates or replaces a resource.
  • POST: Creates a resource.
  • DETELE: Deletes a resource.
  • PATCH: Updates a specific characteristic or part of a resource.

Base URL

The base URL is

All endpoints, except for Redirect and Health, additionally use the api/v1/ prefix before the resource name, for example:


The machine-to-machine authentication is done using an API key that you can generate in the deepset Cloud UI. For more information, see Generate an API Key. The API key inherits the permissions of the user who created it. This means that if an Admin user creates an API key, the key has the same permissions as Admin.

Private Endpoints

Some endpoints are marked as [private]. For these endpoints, the schema may change. This means the structure, format, or data exchanged at those endpoints may change over time.

For all other endpoints, we maintain the same schema.