Search Stream

Run a search using a pipeline and return the answer as stream.

The full result can be accessed as the last stream message if include_result=True.

Event data format where delta, result and error are mutually exclusive:

    "query_id": UUID,
    "type": Literal["delta", "result", "error"],
    "delta": Optional[StreamDelta],
    "result": Optional[DeepsetCloudQueryResponse],
    "error": Optional[str],

StreamDelta format:

    "text": str,

Example code to consume the stream in Python:

import httpx
import json
from httpx_sse import EventSource
import asyncio


async def main():
    query = {
        "query": "How does streaming work with deepset Cloud?",
        "include_result": True
    headers = {
        "Authorization": f"Bearer {TOKEN}"
    async with httpx.AsyncClient(base_url=PIPELINE_URL, headers=headers) as client:
        async with"POST", "/search-stream", json=query) as response:
            # Check if the response is successful
            if response.status_code != 200:
                await response.aread()
                print(f"An error occured with status code: {response.status_code}")

            event_source = EventSource(response)
            # Stream the response
            async for event in event_source.aiter_sse():
                event_data = json.loads(
                chunk_type = event_data["type"]
                # Check the type of the chunk and print the data accordingly
                match chunk_type:
                    # Delta chunk contains the next text chunk of the answer
                    case "delta":
                        token: str = event_data["delta"]["text"]
                        print(token, flush=True, end="")
                    # Result chunk contains the final pipeline result
                    case "result":
                        print("\n\nPipeline result:")
                    # Error chunk contains the error message
                    case "error":
                        print("\n\nAn error occurred while streaming:")
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