Navigating the Workspace

In deepset Cloud, you work within a workspace to which you were invited. Pipelines and data are not shared among workspaces. Workspaces belong to an organization. Users that are part of an organization can access all the workspaces in this organization.

After logging in, you land on the Dashboard, where you can view your workspace statistics, the number of searches run last month, and the details of the last five searches. These include the top answer (the answer with the highest relevance score) and the top file (the file containing the top answer). The search time is in seconds.

If you're assigned to multiple workspaces, you can quickly switch between them. Just click the workspace name and choose the one you want to switch to.

Common Actions

Here's how to access the main tasks in deepset Cloud:

ActionWhat to click
Switch between workspacesWorkspace name
Create a workspaceWorkspace name > Type the name of the new workspace.
You can create up to five workspaces.
Delete a workspaceYour name in the upper right corner > Workspaces
Note: Deleting a workspace is irreversible.
Manage your settings, such as workspace users and API keysYour name in the top right corner.
Create and manage your pipelinesPipelines
View pipeline details, such as feedback, queries, or the number of files it runs onPipelines > The name of the pipeline
Upload the files you want to use for searchData > Files
Upload and work with evaluation setsData > Evaluation Sets
Work in a Jupyter notebookNotebooks
Run a search using a pipeline you selectSearch