Create a Job

Jobs are configurable workflows that run on your files using a pipeline you choose. Currently, deepset Cloud supports a job for batch question answering.

The job runs once on all files in your workspace. You can see the results on the job details page and you can easily share them as a formatted HTML page.


Prepare a Query Set.

Create a Job

  1. In the navigation, go to Jobs>New Job.
  2. Choose the job type, and click Next.
    Currently, only batch question answering is supported. You can run the queries on your files:
    1. Run once: You search for an answer to each query among all files. As a result, you get one answer per query.
    2. Repeat per file: The queries are applied to each file. As a result, you get as many answers as there are files.
  3. Upload your query set or choose a previously uploaded one and move on to the next step.
  4. Choose the pipeline you want to use to process the queries. If the pipeline is not indexed, starting the job will trigger indexing.
  5. Give your job a name and choose one of the following:
    1. To start the job now, click Start Job. The job starts running. It continues running even if you leave the page.
    2. To save the job as a draft, click Save as Draft. You can run it later from the Jobs page.