Set Up the SDK CLI

Before you start working with the SDK through command-line, set the API key for accessing deepset Cloud and the default workspace for all operations.


  • Install the SDK.
  • Generate an API key to access deepset Cloud, and have it at hand.
  • You can run the following command to ensure you have the latest version of the SDK installed:
deepset-cloud --version
 python -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli --version

Log In

  1. Run the following command:
    deepset-cloud login
    python -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli login
  2. When prompted, paste your API key.
  3. Type the name of the deepset Cloud workspace you want to set as default for all operations.

Running the login command creates an .ENV file ~/.deepset-cloud/.env containing your API key and default workspace. The SDK uses this file as the default configuration for all subsequent CLI commands.

Getting Help

Use --help to see available commands:

deepset-cloud --help
python -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli --help

Log Out

To delete the .ENV file with your credentials, run:

deepset-cloud logout
python3 -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli logout

Check the SDK Version

To verify if you have the latest SDK version installed, run:

deepset-cloud --version
python3 -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli --version

The latest SDK version is 0.042.

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