Release 2024.1

See what changed in the first release we bring to you this year.

Revamped Navigation

We've changed the navigation and layout of deepset Cloud to make it easier to move around and find what you need. Follow the tips in deepset Cloud to see the highlights of the changes.

deepset Cloud inteface with updated lefthand-side navigation. The navigation has the following items, going from top to bottom: Files, Labeling, Evaluation Sets, Pipelines, Pipeline Templates, Playground, Prompt Studio, Experiments, Notebooks

More Templates

We added a bunch of templates designed for a variety of use cases to streamline your workflow. They've been designed and tested by our professionals and are ready to use out of the box. Go to Pipeline Templates to see the templates available.

deepset Cloud interface with the Pipeline Templates page open showing the recommended templates which include Chat and RAG pipelines.


We've also added a chat pipeline for English and German. You can use it out of the box and then test it at a special URL:<nameofpipeline>. You can also simply click the More Actions button next to your chat pipeline and choose Chat:

The more actions menu expanded next to a deployed pipeline with the chat option highlighted