Release 2023.12

See what new features and functionalities we added in December 2023.

Groundedness Observability

We're introducing the new Observability Dashboard, a tool for enhancing your RAG pipelines' reliability and trustworthiness. With this dashboard, you can:

  • Monitor your RAG pipeline's groundedness score. This score tells you how well the generated answers are grounded in the source documents.
  • Check how the document's ranking corresponds to how frequently it's referenced.

For more information, see Check the Groundedness Score and Groundedness Score.

Support for Amazon Bedrock Models Hosted in Your Private Account

Do you have models hosted in your Amazon Bedrock account that you'd like to use in your deepset Cloud pipelines? No problem, you can now easily do so. Just connect your Bedrock account to deepset Cloud and that's it! You can then pass the model names in the model_name_or_path parameter of the node that uses the model.

To connect to Bedrock:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner and choose Connections.
  2. Click Connect next to Amazon Bedrock, provide your Amazon API keys, and connect.
The Connections page with Amazon Bedrock highlighted.

For details, see Using Hosted LLMs in Your Pipelines.