Pipeline Performance

If you're wondering how many requests you can send from your search system to deepset Cloud or what speed you can expect, here are your answers.


You had an idea of how many people would use your search app, but suddenly, it became so popular that the number of requests you're making is three times bigger than you thought. That's not a problem. You don't have to do anything about it - we take care of it for you. deepset Cloud uses autoscaling, which automatically adjusts the infrastructure to your needs. You don't have to worry you'll hit a request limit or that the speed of your search will drop.


Autoscaling ensures that your pipeline performs at a certain speed. The average query latency in deepset Cloud is less than 500 ms. If you have special requirements for latency, just reach out to our Solution Engineers.

Your Pipeline Statistics

The deepset Cloud dashboard gives you basic information about your pipeline, such as the average response time or the number of searches ran. If you want to check what queries were asked, what the top answers were, and how long it took to find them, the Dashboard's the place to do it.

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