Set Default Pipeline

You can update your pipeline in production without any downtime. Use the set default pipeline endpoint to seamlessly direct all traffic to a new pipeline.

About This Task

deepset Cloud uses the pipeline you indicated as the default one for search. You can easily change your default pipeline on the deepset Cloud side. This doesn't require any additional work on your side or any changes in your application. All you have to do is use the set default pipeline API endpoint to indicate the pipeline you want to use, and that's it!

This option is useful if, based on the feedback your pipeline got or on experiments, you find you need to tweak your pipeline for better performance. You can then easily create a new, tweaked pipeline, run experiments on it, and let your users test it. Once you're sure it performs better than the original one, you can easily set it as the default pipeline replacing the previous one.

Change the Default Pipeline

  1. Create a pipeline that's going to replace the pipeline currently running in production.
  2. Deploy the new pipeline.
    We recommend that you verify this pipeline's performance through experiments and by sharing it with other users and collecting feedback.
  3. Use the set default pipeline API endpoint to indicate that you want to use the newly created pipeline in production. This simply routes all queries to the new pipeline without any interruptions.