What's deepset Cloud?

deepset Cloud is a SaaS platform to build NLP applications and manage them across the whole lifecycle - from early prototyping to large-scale production.

You can design, evaluate, deploy, and monitor your NLP apps using an intuitive user interface and a powerful REST API. Along the way, you can easily involve your colleagues and end-users to make sure you end up with a pipeline delivering true value for your use case. Just share the link to your pipeline prototype, and that’s it!

When your pipeline’s been tested, evaluated, and deployed, you can connect deepset Cloud to your target application using the REST API and use it wherever you need.

Building an Application with deepset Cloud

deepset Cloud helps you through all the steps of creating an NLP application:

  1. deepset Cloud offers file preprocessing nodes that you can use in your indexing pipeline to preprocess your data and prepare them for search.
  2. In deepset Cloud, you work with pipelines. Pipelines are made up of nodes. Each node has a different task. For example, a Retriever node retrieves the documents that are the best match to the query. Then, you can have a Reader node that searches only through the documents it got from the Retriever, and so on.
    The output of one node is used by another node. Nodes are like building blocks - you can mix and match different nodes or replace a node with another node to create the perfect search system.
  3. Use deepset Cloud experiments to collect metrics about your pipeline performance and tweak it to achieve even better results.
  4. Demo your app to your colleagues and let them test it, all in the deepset Cloud UI. Just share a link to your pipeline prototype. No need to create accounts or invite anyone to your deepset Cloud workspace.

Main Features

You can use deepset Cloud to design your search system by combining different nodes into pipelines using an intuitive interface:

  • Design pipelines using YAML or Jupyter Notebooks. The YAML editor comes with a visual representation of your pipeline so that it's easier for you to see how your data will flow through it.
  • Run experiments to identify the best pipeline for your use case.
  • Run searches on your file set with the pipelines you created.
  • Show your work to others, let them test it, and collect their feedback.
  • Deploy your pipeline and let deepset Cloud take care of all the scaling.
  • Integrate the search in your application and deliver more relevant search results to your users.

Have a look at our video for an overview of what you can do with deepset Cloud:

For licensing information about third-party software used in deepset Cloud, see Third-Party Software.

deepset Cloud and Haystack

Haystack is deepset's open source NLP framework for creating search systems. deepset Cloud uses Haystack's nodes and methods. If you've already worked with Haystack, you can reuse this work in deepset Cloud.

The Haystack version that deepset Cloud uses is 1.21.0.