Troubleshoot Pipeline Deployment

It may happen that deploying your pipeline fails or not all your files are indexed. Learn how to resolve this.


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Pipeline Status: Partially Indexed

  • Description: All of the files were processed, but at least one of the files failed to be indexed.
  • Solution: Check the following issues:
    • From an NLP standpoint, is your pipeline OK?
    • Are your files OK? Are any of your files corrupted?
    • Is there a node in your pipeline that may be throwing exceptions for certain files because of encoding or some other node settings?
    • Use the get pipeline files endpoint to see the status of the files.
    • Delete your files and upload them again to trigger indexing for these files. For more information, see Upload Files.

Pipeline Status: Failed to Deploy

  • Description: Your pipeline wasn't deployed, and the files weren't indexed.
  • Solution: Contact your deepset Cloud representative.