Share a Pipeline Prototype

When you have a deployed pipeline, you can generate a link to it and send it to anyone you think should try your pipeline. By letting real users test your pipeline, you can get an idea of its performance.


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About this Task

When you have a pipeline created, it's useful to let others try it out and gather their feedback. You can easily share your pipeline prototype with everyone. You do this by simply generating a link you can send to the people you want to get feedback from.

Anyone with the link can view and run a search on the prototype, but they can't edit or change anything in deepset Cloud. They gain read-only access to the Search page that uses your pipeline and to the following assets:

  • File metadata from the search if you enable metadata filters.
  • Documents returned from the search.
  • Document metadata from the search.
  • The name of the pipeline you shared.
  • Any metadata for your pipeline in the DocumentStore if you enable the metadata filters for the prototype.

When a person opens the link from you, they can use the pipeline right away. They don't need to create or have a deepset Cloud account.

When testing your pipeline, the users can provide feedback on the answers the pipeline returns. You can then view this feedback on the pipeline details page or export it to a file. Feedback can give you an idea of how to tweak your pipeline for better performance.

You can stop sharing the prototype anytime by simply deleting the generated link.


Share Your Prototype

  1. In deepset Cloud, click Pipelines.
  2. Find the pipeline you want to share, click the three dots next to it, and select Share.
    A pipeline with the three dots menu expanded and the Share option underlined
  3. Configure the prototype settings:
    1. Set the link expiration time.
    2. Add any notes to your users.
      These can be guidelines on how to use the prototype, things they should pay attention to, and so on. These notes are shown on the prototype page the users open with your link.
    3. Decide if you want to enable metadata filters.
      These are the metadata in your documents. They act as search filters.
  4. Copy the link. You can now send it to anyone you like.

Stop Sharing a Prototype

You can revoke access to your prototype by simply deleting the link. To do this:

  1. In deepset Cloud, click Pipelines.
  2. Find the pipeline you want to stop sharing, click the three dots next to it, and select Share.
  3. Click Delete link.

When you delete the link, nobody can access the prototype anymore. You need to generate a new link to share the prototype again.