Release 2024.3

March 2024 comes with exciting new additions to deepset Cloud!

Usage Dashboard

We're introducing the Usage dasbhoard where you can understand how you're using your pricing plan - this includes production and development pipelines, the count of hours the pipeline was deployed, and more.

To view the dashboard, click your initials in the top right corner and choose Usage. See also Understand Your Pipeline Usage. And here's the dashboard at a glance:

New Embedding Models by OpenAI

deepset Cloud now adds the support for the following OpenAI's embedding models:

  • text-embedding3-small
  • text-embedding3-large

Pipeline Service Level

We've introduced service level for pipelines. You can set your pipeline as one of the following:

  • draft - any undeployed pipeline
  • development - pipelines for experiments or testing
  • production - pipelines for critical business scenarios

You can set the service level from the Pipeline Details page or through the Update Pipeline REST API endpoint.

A RAG pipeline details page with the production option switched on.

To learn more, see: