Install the SDK

Install the open source package and start using it. You can also install it in the developer mode to enhance the package with your contributions. The package is available on PyPI.

Install the SDK

Use this installation mode to use the methods already available in the package.

Run the following command:

pip install deepset-cloud-sdk

You can now use the CLI commands and Python methods included in the SDK.

Install in Developer Mode

Use this installation mode if you want to modify the package:

  1. Clone the GitHub repository. For help, see GitHub docs.
  2. Run the following command:
    pip install hatch==1.7.0
    hatch build

Update the SDK

To update the SDK to the newest version, uninstall the current version and then install the SDK again.

  1. Update the SDK:
    pip install --upgrade deepset-cloud-sdk

Check the SDK Version

Run the following command:

deepset-cloud --version
python3 -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli --version

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